Bread-Free Stuffing Balls

By Angela Liddon My recipe tester Nicole likes to call these “bread-free stuffing balls,” and I think I would have to agree! These festive bites have all the flavours of traditional stuffing, but they’re protein-packed, bite-sized, and gluten-free, to boot. This is a new and improved version of my popular Lentil Mushroom Walnut Balls recipe. I’ve streamlined the procedure and provided a make-ahead version to simplify holiday prep. You can store the uncooked balls in the fridge (tightly wrapped up on a plate) for up to 36 hours before baking, so there’s less fuss the day of a big meal. The uncooked balls can also be frozen in a freezer-safe bag for 1 to 2 weeks. To bake, simply pop the frozen balls on a prepared baking sheet and bake for 30 to 33 minutes (they need roughly 7 to 10 minutes more bake time when baking from frozen). Also, the Cranberry-Pear Sauce can be made 1 to 2 weeks in advance and frozen until ready to use. If you aren’t a cranberry fan, my vegan gravy from Oh She Glows Every Day is a nice option too!

My make-ahead vegan holiday recipes plus handy tips!

Before we dig into today’s juicy post, I want to share that, starting tomorrow (Nov. 23), the new Oh She Glows Boxed Set is 50% OFF! Whoa baby. The sale will continue until Tuesday, November 28th, so plenty of time to take advantage. Mine arrived last week, and I gotta say they’re b-e-a-utiful. A “glam shoot” soon followed, lol.

Cheesy Lentil Bolognese Casserole + Celebrating 9 years!!

 Oh She Glows just celebrated her 9th birthday! Can you believe it? I know, I know, where is the cake? I didn’t plan this very well, did I? I promise you today’s recipe is a keeper even if it’s not covered in frosting. Do you think cheese-covered will do the trick?!

All-Purpose Vegan Cheese Sauce

By Angela Liddon Here it is: my favorite vegan “cheese” sauce that not only tastes amazing, but can also be used in a wide variety of dishes! Who knew that just a few simple ingredients could create such a silky, decadent, and pourable sauce? No, the recipe isn’t quite a dead ringer for traditional cheese sauce, but we think it’s delicious in its own right. This pairs perfectly with my Chili Cheese Nachos or Mac and Peas recipes from Oh She Glows Every Day, but is just as good heated up and used as a nacho dip for salsa, guacamole, or refried beans. It’s also fantastic drizzled over roasted or steamed broccoli or cauliflower. A big thanks to Ruth Tal’s Super Fresh cookbook for inspiring this versatile and wallet-friendly recipe.

Cashew-Garlic Parmesan

By Angela Liddon A delicious plant-based twist on Parmesan cheese! As the Frank’s hot sauce lady says, “I put that $hit on everything!” This cashew-garlic combo is so tasty sprinkled on pasta, salads, soup, roasted veggies, and more. I love using fresh garlic in this recipe because the garlic flavour really pops, but if you’re sensitive to raw garlic you may want to start with half a small clove.

Make-Ahead Roasted Butternut Squash Casserole

I posted this story and make-ahead technique to my Instagram account recently, only to be cut off part-way through when I exceeded the word limit. As Stephanie Tanner would say: How rude, lol. Did you even know that Instagram has a word limit? I guess it wasn’t designed for Chatty Cathy’s like me. That’s when it hit me: I should post this on the blog so I can go a bit more in-depth! So read on, my friends….

Ultimate flourless brownies for two + Cookbook news!

Several months ago, my publishing team let me know about an exciting idea that Indigo had proposed for my two cookbooks. They’ve been so thrilled with your response to the books (as have I!) that they’ve created a special-edition OSG boxed set, available just before the holiday season kicks off. When they asked me I was like, hmm…let me think about it….YES!! Lol.